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T. MrdezaT. Mrdeza : Statistics all Years

The Match Results and Tennis Statistics for Tennis Player T. Mrdeza.
Win : 8
Loss : 12
Not completed/UE : 0
Court TypeWinLossNot completed/UEPart Games %Part Wins %
Hard Court78none75 %88 %
Clay Court13none20 %13 %
Grass Courtnone1none5 %0 %
Tie Break Statisticsall GamesGame WinGame Loss
all Sets5 (25 %)3 (60 %)2 (40 %)
Tennis PlayerTennis Player Rankings by WP Scale 0-10: 0
Player T. Mrdeza has in 2015 joined 0 Tennis Tournaments and played 0 Games.
In 5 Games, resulting 25% of all games was a Tie Break Result in one or more of the Game Sets of that Player.
For Tennis Player T. Mrdeza are currently no Tennis Result Series known.


T. MrdezaT. Mrdeza : Results and Tournaments Year 2015

No results or tournaments found for player T. Mrdeza in the Year 2015.
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 TourGame Schedule from T. Mrdeza

No scheduled Games found for Year 2015.

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