M.Fish/R.Stepanek vs G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra Tennis Head to Head Statistics, live Results and Scheduled Games
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more Tournament Data : [ 2013 ]
Tennis Player Statistics :Player 1 M.Fish/R.Stepanek
Player 2 G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra

M.Fish/R.Stepanek : G.Dimitrov/M.LlodraHead to Head Statistics: M.Fish/R.Stepanek und G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra Year up to 2016

M.Fish/R.Stepanek and G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra played up to today 1 Games.
Last time M.Fish/R.Stepanek and G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra played a Match within the ATP Double Tournament
Legg Mason Tennis Classic Washington played on Clay Court on 03/08/13.
For the Players M.Fish/R.Stepanek and G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra currently no Tennis Result Series known.
 M.Fish/R.Stepanek      G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra
Win 10
Loss 01
No Result / UE 00


Court TypeWinLossNo Result / UE
Clay Court ( M.Fish/R.Stepanek )1nonenone
Clay Court ( G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra )none1none
ATP Double Legg Mason Tennis Classic WashingtonLegg Mason Tennis Classic Washington ( Tennis Clay Court )
08/03/2013 23:00M.Fish/R.Stepanek - G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra2 : 1  (6 : 3) (3 : 6) (10 : 6) Semi Finals
by periodAll Tennis Games in period order
08/03/2013 23:00M.Fish/R.Stepanek - G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra2 : 1  (6 : 3) (3 : 6) (10 : 6)

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 TourCrossover Match Comparison Player M.Fish/R.Stepanek and G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra

No common opponents for the two player in Year 2016 found.
Statistics Performance of the last 10 Matches for M.Fish/R.Stepanek and G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra
Performance M.Fish/R.Stepanek and G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra

 TourScheduled Games for M.Fish/R.Stepanek vs G.Dimitrov/M.Llodra

No scheduled Games for the two players found in Year 2016.